Saturday, February 2, 2013

Children's Chestal Review

 It is that time of season again where you seem to be battling colds. My son tends to get a lot colds during the winter season. Which you guys know I try to find safe new products for my children. I came across a cough syrup called Children's Chestal. It is hard to have any kind of syrups because my son hates them. He does not like the flavors at all and will go to the waist basket and spit them out. Children's Chestal cough syrup has no artificial flavors or color. The flavor of Children's Chestal is honey based cough syrup. This flavor my son actually loves. He is a big honey fan so it was nice to have something that he will actually take. This product is safe for children ages two and up. Which in my household my daughter and my son can take this. One of my major concerns when it comes to any medicine or cough medicine will it make my child hyper or drowsy. This is a non drowsy medicine which is great. This product helps sooth and coat your child's throat. This product helps loosens chest congestion which helps your cold. I would highly recommend this product my son had no issues with this product. He actually asked me if he could have more because he loved the honey based flavor. It also seems to help colds and relief better than other products that I have tried. You can find this product at walgreens, meijers, walmart and publix. you can find more information at

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