Saturday, February 2, 2013

Camilia Teething Relief Review

When it comes to little ones and teething. I am not sure what to give them and what is safe to give them. I came across a great brand of teething remedies and it is called Camilia. Camilia is a homeopathic teething relief medicine that is natural and is more safe than other teething medications. What stands out to me on this brand that it does not come in a jar and you have to measure the dose and hope that it is enough. I am always afraid that I give my child two much or not enough. With Camilia it comes in single use dose. What I like about that is it ready to go and no fuse and I have just the right amount. I open, dispense and throw away. My daughter is still in the process of getting her final teeth and she tends to get cranky. I hate giving her medications because I am not quite sure what is in the products and if there will be a long term effect. Tonight my daughter was having a hard time going to bed and chewing on her fingers because her back teeth where giving her troubles. Perfect timing for Camilia Teething relief and seeing if it will help her any. These are single sized tubes for one does. You give the child one tube and if need be you can repeat twice every 15 minutes. I was surprised on how this worked. My daughter fell asleep quicker and without a fuss. Usually when she is sleeping she will have her fingers in her mouth and chewing them. When I tried this product she did not even have her fingers in her mouth at all. Which I know this product has given her some relief which is nice. There are no side affects to this medication which is a major plus.
Benefits from using Camilia Teething Relief
·         No side effects

·         No risk of over medicating

·         No numbing of gag reflex

·         Does not mask other symptoms

·         No sugar or lactose

·         Preservative free

I would highly recommend this product for my children. I was satisfied with the product and it seemed to give my daughter relief. I would say it pass's the test. You can find more information about this product at

You can also find this at your local Meijers

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