Friday, February 22, 2013

Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway

Well it is that time of the season where there are a lot of colds and the flu. I know in my house it seems like my kids are always having a runny nose. My daughter is the worst it seems like she always has a messy and sore nose. I hate using Kleenex because it seems to make her nose even more sore. It is always a fight with my daughter and it seems like I can never get near her nose. When I saw this product I knew that I had to try and review this product to see if it would help my daughter.
I received two pack of Boogie Wipes for review. They came come in two scents Grape and a Clean Scent which both are not two strong but smell great. These boogie wipes are made with natural saline that are gentle for your stuffy noses. Well today was the true test my daughter nose was runny and it was dried around her nose. So I took out the grape boogie wiped and tried it on her nose. She actually let me get near her face and let me do it. It was gentle and she did not fight me at all and it cleaned her face up right away. I was quite impressed of the boogie wipe and it also smelled great. She even took a new wipe and was smelling it. It was very cute. Also I would use the for on the go. I know when we eat out it seems like my daughter face is a mess afterwards and there is nothing to clean her face. I usually have to go in the bathroom and wash her face with a paper tows. With these boogie wipes they are a huge help when you go to a restaurant to clean your child face. Also they are very gentle on their faces. I would highly recommend boogie wipes to any parent that has children. This is a great product. You can find their products HERE


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