Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Balloon Blast Toy Review

My son love to be outside all he time. Last year his new thing that he tried to do was fly a kite. This was kind of a big challenge that he was not ready for yet. I came a across a great alternative called Balloon Blast Toy review. This has a lot of similarities to a kite. I really love the concept up this toy and I would recommend this for 3 year old and up. Starting off there is a handle with two buttons that controls your balloon. This package all come with a balloon for your child. You can use this for team flying, target practice with toy shooter, play sky combat with friends, can be used to fly mini kites, control the height of your balloon and you can fly inside or outside. Well when we wanted to try it the other day it has been to cold out. So we decided to compromise inside with a ceiling fan. It worked pretty well. My son figured it out within seconds and it was easy for him to use. He liked how he could control the height of the balloon. This will be a great new toy for the spring and summer. I can see my son coming up with so many different ideas for this toy. There are so many different options also on how to play with this. I would highly recommend this for your toddlers and even school age children. You can find more information out on Balloon Blast toy at http://www.balloonblasttoy.com/

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