Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wantable Revew

Are you having trouble finding that special gift for your loved one for Valentines Day. Have no fear I found a new box subscription that would fit your Valentine gift needs. Wantable offers to boxes one offers make up and the other offers jewelry. How can you go wrong. Watable box's are valued at 75 and up. When you chose either box you will take a quiz. The quiz will help select the best fit in products that you will receive in your box. You will not have to worry about getting a box that might not fit your style. You can purchase your wantable box for $40 or you can subscribe $36/month. 

I was able to review one of their make up Wantable boxes this month. When I received the package it was in a small black box that had their name on it. when I opened up the box I noticed a thank you card and product description of the make up that was inside. In my Wantable box I received Blingtone myface cosmetics, See the Light Lip Gloss, Kai Fragrance, Spadaro Fragrance, Color Club nail laqure, Cheek Color, Swagger Cosmetics. I found that the quality and the items are well worth the subscription.

The first product that was in my Wantable box was the Cheek Color from Paula Dorf. I found this product was very easy to apply. The package give a tip when applying this product. Which was to apply and blend to apple of the cheeks for a healthy glow. I agree with the tip this was a very natural look for my cheeks and this will move up to my special drawer. This one is one of my favorites. 

The second product that came in my Wantable box was from Swagger Cosmetics. This is a sparkle rose gold that helps highlighting over blush. I was very excited to try this over my blush and gave my blush and extra sparkle. What I found interesting about this product is that it is vegan which was interesting. I also enjoyed this product also. 

The third product that I received from the Wantable box from See the Light Lip Gloss. This is a burgundy lip gloss and I was reluctant because I did not think i would like this one. I tried it and I was surprised on how well it looked on me. I could wear this on a special occasion or just a everyday occasion. This product surprised me the most out of my box. 

The fourth product I received was My face products. This was another product that I was not to sure about. this eye shadow was kind of a gold/glittery color. Usually I do not wear that kind of color but it was worth a shot. I followed their tip by applying shimmering shadow from the upper lash line to the brow bone and to lower lash line end to end for starry eyed look. I was very surprised with the color. I would not wear this color all the time but would wear it if I am going out somewhere. 

The fifth product that I received was the Color Club nail polish. I was very excited when I saw this in the package. I really liked this shade and it went on very nicely. Did not clump or chip with in the first day which was nice. It lasted for about a week. I would highly recommend Color Club nail polish.

The sixth and seventh product in my wantable box where from Spadaro.  They where samples of fragrances. I love trying new fragrances. Although I find my self constantly smelling them because the smell really good. The firs sample was a rare blend of floral essences. Which I really liked this one it had a scent of Lily and Jasmine. If it has those two in them I usually a fan. The second sample was Sunny Italian Grapefruit. I found this one very interesting it had a little grapefruit spice smell and I really thought it was a interesting blend. 

The last product that I received in my wantable box was Kai Fragrance. This fragrance had a blend of gardeina and white exotics inside. I was also a fan of this one because it was a floral scent and I was a fan.

I would say overall I was impressed with the Wantable box. I was amazed with the quality of the products. when I first saw all the cosmetics I was not sure that I would like them or would go with my skin color. I found that the quiz did help and find the best products suited for me. 

If you want to get your wantable box or find more information you can go to their website at



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