Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toy State James Bond 007

 Sometimes I have difficulties trying to figure out what to get my son and my dad on Valentines Day. Well on Valentines Day is also my son birthday so it is extra special for him. My son is gong to be five this year and he is starting to get into the different kind of cars. Well Toy State just recenetly came out with a whole new line 007 James Bond Cars. Well although my son does not understand who James Bond is at the moment because he is only four. My dad loves James Bond and anything that represents it.

Everyone knows who James Bond and the code name 007. What is amazing that in 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond Movie. Also in 2012 it marked the release of the 23 movie. To me that is just amazing. Toy State wanted to commemorate their anniversary so they came out with a collection of the iconic James Bond 007 automobiles. Toy State has also made sure the added as much detail to each of the cars to make them realistic as possible
Well I was given the chance to review two of their new 007 James Bond Cars. I received the MI6 Lotus Esprit and the Secret Service Ashton Martin Vanquish. 

The first car that we opened up was the MI6 Lotus Esprit. Of course if you love 007 James Bond you will recognize this car. My son gravitated towards this car the most. On top of the care there where three buttons that you can press. The first button sounded like a car starting up and screeching. Than it took off and car went and then screech and stopped. The second button is where the headlights and the back light flashed while playing the 007 James Bond music. This was my favorite part because I thought that was pretty awesome. My son also liked it and he said it was super hero music. The third button is where the car was honking and the lights where flashing. My son thought this care was the most amazing car there was because it had all these features to it. I thought this car was sturdy and great quality and would make a great toy for a child.

The second car that I received was the Secret Service Ashton Martin Vanquish.  In the British Secret Service R/C and is controlled by a joy stick. My son love to have mo-control cars and rive them everywhere. When we took this car out of the package I was not allowed to touch the car. He also loved this car to. Also my dad enjoyed this car also. Both of them spent hours playing with this car. What I like about the Secret Service Ashton Martin Vanquish is that there are two modes to play with this car. You can press the button on the car to get the music and sounds to play. Or while you are driving the car it triggers the James Bond 007 music and sounds. Which I thought that was pretty neat. I believe that they also nailed this car to a t. I also was surprised on how fast this car moved and how well you could control it. Now I have to figure out how I get a turn to play with this toy.

What I like about the James Bond 007 line of toy cars is that it can be for just about anyone. I know that my dad loved these car just as much as my son. Everyone loves James Bond 007 and this could be used as a toy or collection item also. This would make a great birthday/valentines day gift for my four year old who will be five. It also would be a great valentines day gift for my dad also. If I did give my dad the cars he would love him because he always enjoyed going to James Bond 007 movies. I know my son would always borrow it. Although the amazing gift of all it brought my dad and my son closer together and them enjoying the cars together in different ways. You can find more infomation about the special James Bond 007 collection at.  http://dev.2013.toystate.allengerritsen.com/our-toys/james-bond-007/

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  1. Cool 007 car....kids will really enjoy it...


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