Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tommee Tippee Drinking Cup Review

I know there are days that I dread giving my two year old a sippy cup or any kind of cup because it seems like what is inside the cup gets everywhere. Even though they say they are spill proof. I had the opportunity to review the Tommee Tippee Drinking cup. Well they say that they are spill proof and would not leak. So I had to try this product to see if this one leaked or not. I will let you know that all my sippy cups leak so at this point I was not sure if I wanted to believe that they where spill proof.

Well I received to of their Tommee Tippee Drinking cups for review. They came in a set of two. What I like about these cups is that they can come in gender for example I got two girl cups and they had girly designs on them. I received a pink and light blue cup. When I first saw these cups I loved the appearance of them. Tommee Tippee Drinking cups are different from others. They look like a sippy cup but have a plastic cover over them. then there is a lit put you can flip it over and there is a straw!. What I like about this feature that you can open and shut and it tucks the straw inside. The true test for me does this leak. Well I tried and tried and it did not leak and it was truly spill proof. I even held it upside down and I also was shaking it and nothing came out. A great plus to these cups they are also insulated which is a major plus. If I am going a trip it going to help keep my kiddos drinks cold. Also these cups are dishwasher safe. How amazing is that I love how I can put the cups in the dishwasher and make sure they get a great cleaning. They are also BPA free which I know that is very important.

I have fallen in love with these cups. Also my daughter will not go back to any other cup. She loves it and it is easy for her told hold. She also brings it everywhere she goes. It is easy for my two year old to open and close by her self. Which is a major plus. I am going to invest in more of these cups because they are simply the best that I have used so far. Plus it prevents me from constantly cleaning after the cup messes that others make. If you want to find more information on their cups please check their products at

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