Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Soap and Paper Factory Review

 I always get stumped when it come around Valentines Day what to get my mom or give that special someone ideas what to get. If you want to give that special gift and creative gift I came across a wonderful site called The Soap and Paper Factory. I have never heard of this company before and when I was presented this opportunity I was very excited but did not know what to expect. I love candles and perfumes but their is time where I break out or the smell is to overwhelming so it is hard to find just the right one. I will say The Soap and Paper Factory is the right company for me. I find this company very interesting and I will share a little of the background of this amazing company. There are three lovely ladies that created The Soap and Paper Factory and they are Beth, Shannon and Lisa. There goal was to develop all natural and handmade beauty products in earth friendly packaging. When looking on their site all of their products are handcrafted in NY and they are not tested on animals is a major plus. They also do not contain any of the harmful chemicals. 
The first product that I was able to review was The Owl Candle from the Patch NYC collections. In the Patch collection there are Fedora, Pipe, Serpent, Ship, Skull, Stag, Whale, and Owl When I saw the description of the candle I was not sure that I would be a fan. The description of the Owl is- sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver, elusive and wise like the night owl deliciously earthy as a twilight forest.  This candle is 100 percent  pure soy and has a 75 hour burn time. I really enjoyed the box that the candle was in. There was a picture of an owl on front and information about the candle on the back. When I opened the box there was a card with a description of each candle and what it smells like. When I picked up the candle to smell it I was surprised on how much I loved it. With the description I was not sure if I would like it due to the tobacco smell. I can not say if smells like the description but wow I will say it is one of my favorite ones! When I lit it I loved how it filled up the room with a wonderful smell. It was not overpowering but just right. It also did not burn to quickly which was great. I would defitinley recommend buying one of the candles for your loved one for valentines day!!

The second product I was able to review from the Patch NYC Solid Fragrances collection was the Serpent Solid perfume. The scent of Serpent is- petitgrain, hay abs., gernium enchanting and smoothly seductive vivid and crisp as a lush garden. This is a jar filled with 5 oz of solid perfume. I perfume the solid perfume at times. I like where I can rub a little bit out of the jar on to my skin. This 5 oz jar will last you a lifetime. I can imagine having this for a few years. One swipe lasts for a few hours. I have tried similar products and majority of the time when you rub it will not get enough of a sent on your skin. In this case I am highly amazed it takes one swipe and your done. I love how it is not to strong and you can control on how strong the smell is which is nice. Also this was an amazing smell and I really enjoyed it. The size of the jar fits great in your purse so it is handy when you need it. I also was able to try Jasmine Solid Perfume. This one beats all perfumes that I have so far tried. Jasmine in my opinion is the best fragrance out there. It is not over powering and has the best smell. I found my self every day smelling this perfume. I also wear this perfume a lot and have gotten a lot of compliments already. If you are trying to find a gentle scent perfume I would recommend this one. This is a everyday scent and I would definitely recommend it for valentines day and it would go great for Easter. 

The Soap and Paper Factory has many different products than the ones that I have shared. If you go check them out I know you will fall in love with these products as much as I have. You cans fine soy candles, room diffusers, room spray, body creams and soaps. You can find their products at

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