Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starlook Starbox Review

I have heard so many wonderful things about Starlook Starbox. Starbox is another makeup subscription box. This subscription is $15.00 a month. I was able to review one month of Starlook Starbox and I was very excited to see what the rave was about there box. It arrived yesterday and I was going to wait until today to open it, but that did not happen I had to peek yesterday. I was very impressed by all the full products that where in this box. Now I am starting to see what the rave is all about and will have to agree.

In my Starbox this month I have received Fancy Diamondline Eye Liner, Brown Eye Liner, Cuty Peach Blush Compact, 858 Dome Brush and a green bracelet. In the box it had a card with the descriptions and the retail value of the products that where inside. My box retail value is $63 dollars although when I added it up it came up to $58. 

Well the first item that is in my box was the "Fancy" Diamondline Eye Liner- When I first read the description of this color my opinion before trying this was not a color for me. When I tried this color it was a nice shiny green with a sparkle to it. This could be used and a liner or a base shadow. This is actually one of my new favorite liners. I love the color and this was a nice surprise. (starlooks retail price $8)

The second item that was in my box was "Brown" Eye Liner. This is a nice chocolate brown eye liner. I really enjoyed this eye liner I tend to wear a lot of brown eye liner. I did notice that this was better quality. It did not smudge and that was a problem that I was having. You can combine your line with the other "Fancy" in this box and you create a nice olive tone. (starlooks retail $8)

The third item that was in my box was the "Cuty Peach" Blush Compact. This was a full size compact blush. This is a pure peach toned blush is super color saturated. I really have fallen in love with this blush. I have a hard time finding the right kind of blush and this one has topped them all. What I also like a little goes a long way so it will last me for awhile. This is a great peachy color for spring coming up. (starlook retail value $12)

The fourth item that was in my box was 858 Dome Brush. When I look at makeup brushes is will the bristles fall out easy and will they irritate my skin. Sometimes the bristles tend to be rough and that will automatically irritate my skin. This brush is a high quality brush no bristle have fallen out of the brush so far and the brush is very soft which is a major plus to me. I would highly recommend this brush. (starlook retail value $15)

The last product that was in my box was a surprise it was a nice beaded bracelet. This bracelet by Abby Rose Designs was handmade. I really liked the color of the bracelet. At times I find my self not wearing bracelets because they make my skin itchy and sweaty. What I like about this where it a self fit. What I mean about self it is that you wrap around your wrist and your good to go. There is no connecting the ends. I like how there is a base where is a big green bead and then there little beads intertwining. You can find their jewelry at you can also use STARLOOKS at checkout and get free shipping on any order. (starlooks retail $15)

I was highly impressed with my first Starlooks Starbox. I would highly recommend them. For 15 dollars a month how can you go wrong. So far this may be one of my favorite subscription box. All the products in this box I really enjoyed and would actually use. You can get your subscription box at

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