Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snack Taxi

I know life can get very hectic at times especially when you have to children. I know if I am planning to go a certain distance in a care I like to bring a snack. At times I am stumped in what to put their snacks in. Snack Taxi has helped me solve my problem. Snack Taxi is a reusable bag for you to put your snacks in or sandwich that you can carry just about anywhere. This is a very durable bag because it can stand the fight with my four year old. They come in variety of materials and they are also machine washable which is great when it come to my children. What I like is that this has cut back on the use of sandwich bags. A fun fact is when you use one reusable bag like the one that I received for review you save estimated 1000 sandwich bags out of the landfills. 

The Snack Taxi had a variety of products to choose from such as the snack taxi, sandwich taxi, produce bags napkins, bread sacks and other great items. The one good think is Snack Taxi has very affordable prices for their incredible products. These would make a great investment.  You can find their products at

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