Friday, January 11, 2013

Robot Laser Peg Review

Do you have a son or daughter that like Legos at the moment. I know my son is starting to get into that state and loves to build items. Recently I came across a wonderful product just perfect for my son that is Laser Pegs. I was very excited when I was able to review this item.

Laser Pegs is a great construction set and children can build just about anything with them. Also a plus with laser pegs it that they light up. I really think this is a new level of creativity and I even find my self playing with it. SHH please do not tell anyone because if my son finds out he will not like that very much. There is a power source at the bottom and you have to connect the part to that so they all connect and then they light up. These are very sturdy and great quality. When my son plays with them they do not crack nor break which is a great factor. I get disappointed when my son plays with new toys and they break within a day. He has been playing with this product for the past several days and they work great and no problems. I like how these are LED light and will last a long time so you also do not have to worry about the light dying the next day. There are so many different kits available and not just the robot. I know that I will be definitively be buying more of these kits in the future for my son.

You can check all of their amazing products and more of their laser pegs at

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