Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real Beanz Review

RealBeanz Logo In my family we tend to drink a lot of Iced Coffee Drinks. Usually if there are any in our fridge they are gone within a few days. I usually like them in the morning or in the afternoon. I was excited when I had the opportunity to review RealBeanz iced coffee. 

Here is a little background information on their company and product that I thought was interesting and wanted to share with you. Real Beanz is remarkable ice coffee beverage that does more than just satisfy your taste buds- it helps you get through your day and enhances your lifestyle without subjecting your body to harmful chemicals or unhealthy ingredients. Whether it's powering up with energy-infused herbs or slowing down with relaxing "oral extract, Real Beanz utilizes a blend of 100 percent natural ingredients in "flavorful coffee blend they'll help brew the mood you desire. Consumers today are seeking coffee based beverages that are big on flavor high on quality and perfect for their health conscious lifestyle. 

I received a sample pack of Real Beanz Sample pack. When the arrived I received 5 of their iced coffees. The five flavors that I was able to try was Iced Coffee Cappuccino, Iced Coffee Mocha, Iced Coffee Diet Cappuccino, Iced Coffee Carmel and Iced Coffee Vanilla Nut. What I like about each flavor they have a variety of different health benefits for example Energize, refresh, resist, focus, trim and fit, and relax. My favorite one of out all five would be the Carmel flavor. I have a think when it come to Carmel drinks. My second favorite would be the mocha because i love mocha. My least favorite of the drinks would be the Vanilla Nut. If you like vanilla and hint of nuts this would be the flavor for you. I honestly do not like that flavor although I let my mother taste it and she extremely enjoyed that flavor. You can find these flavors and more at http://realbeanz.com/

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