Friday, January 4, 2013

Princess, Pirates and Cowboys (Veggie Tales) Book Review

I was very excited when I was able to review Veggie Tales Princess, Pirates and Cowboys. I really like how this book is easy to read by their selves and pictures in the story are fantastic. I really enjoy reading this story with my son and daughter and brings our family together. 
I was able to review this story with my children. In Veggie Tales Princess, Pirates and Cowboys have favorite Veggie Tales returning like Princess Petunia, Larry, Bob and many more. This book contains three stories within this book. Each story is filled with Christian values for young readers. I value the lessons taught in these book because I feel the importance with my children. This book is Level 1 text format which helps your young children able to read this book. 
The first story is Princess Petunia's Sweet Apple Pie. My daughter really enjoyed this story. This story take readers to the whimsical kingdom of Scone. We really enjoyed that the characters where from the medieval time. They where getting ready for their annual Scone Country Fair and the King's Pie Contest. I really like the concept of the story when they are all baking their famous pies. Princess Petunia puts aside of wanting to win the contest and learns that helping other is more important than winning. I really like the concept of this story and my children love it. 
The second story was Pirates. Favorites characters in this story are Larry, Lunt and Pa Grape. They spend their days on a ship doing absolutely nothing. When Larry started feeling like his live was not the way he wanted it and he wanted to do something fun. He was considering leaving being a pirate and becoming a Tater in Tater Town or move to Cookie Island. After thinking of something else to do he realized a powerful message from God. That God wanted him to be a pirate and he was great just the way he was. 
The last story was The Fairest Town in the West. The Characters in this book are Sheriff Bob and Deputy Larry. They seem to have trouble when the Ratt Scallion gang come into town. Of course you can guess that they are going to be causing trouble and Deputy Larry and Sheriff Bob will have to solve this problem. What happens is local folk start repeating the Ratt Scallions bad behavior and Larry and Bob have remind them that their bad behavior will not get them anywhere for acting bad. 
I would highly recommend this book for your young child and you can find a variety of amazing book at

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