Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinypon Review

Pinypon is a newer collectible toys that feature customizable mini dolls, vechicles, pets, and play sets. What I like about these small dolls are bright colors and they are interchangeable which brings young children hours of fun and creativity. I have never seen Pinypons before and was very excited when I had the opportunity to review for Pinypon. I received Pinypon Fairy and the Pinypon Case Figure and Pet Set. When I opened this package my son and daughter where very excited when they saw me pull this out of the box.

My first thoughts when I pulled the Fairy Pinypon out. That it was bigger than i thought it would be. The Fairy Pinypon package it comes with one Pinypon figure, wings, wand butterfly, and unicorn. When we took out the fairy from the package I was surprised on how the quality was. I was impressed on how well the wand stayed and the butterfly. It did not fall out of the holes easy which is nice when you have a four year old. 

My son also like the Pinypon Case Figures and Pet set. This came with four figures which three where girls and one was a boy. It also came with a dog and a cat. This also came with thirty accessories for the different Pinypons like flowers, necklaces, butterflies, bows, hair cliips and ect. I like how they give you a variety of different accessories because it gives you that chance to be able to be creative. 

I enjoyed that my son and my daughter had funny playing with Pinypon's. Although I would recommend that children under four do not play with this product due to choking hazards. I let my daughter play with them with her brother when I am sitting right next to them and playing with them. I would not let her play with them by herself due to small pieces. Although they kept my son entertained for hours. What he liked the best is taking them apart and changing them around. He would get very creative and that what I like to see. I would highly recommend this toy for not only girls but for boys. It is a great neutral toy.  I would highly recommend Pinypon!

Here are some great coupons for Pinypons. I know they have a few where you buy 2 get 1 free so check them out at

You can now find Pinypon at your local Target click her to see more details|All|matchallpartial|all+categories

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