Sunday, January 13, 2013

Perky Jerky Review

I know in our family we are a beef jerky kind of family. Even my two children can not get enough of it. If any beef jerky come into our home it probably will not be their the next day. Well I came across a site Perky Jerky and I knew that I had to review their jerky. Well I was lucky and able to review their Perky Jerky. I received four bags to review their where two Turkey Perky Jerky and Beef Perky Jerky. 

When I received Perky Jerky I had to hide it so I could review it. When I brought it out I kid you not everyone in this home zeroed in on it. When I tried both Turkey and the Beef Jerky they where very delicious. Both flavors were tender which take it or leave it. When I was eating the Turkey Jerky after eating a little bit of it. It does bring a little kick out of it but that was a plus to it. Well I can not chose a favorite Jerky because the are both amazingly awesome. I was hoping that I would at least get one bag to my self but that was not the case. My dad tried the Jerky and he said it was moist and tender and sweet. He really enjoyed this brand of Jerky and would highly recommend it.

I know what i am going to be getting my dad for valentines day from he kids. He really seemed to enjoy it. I would highly recommend getting this for your loved one for valentines day. I know it is hard to figure out what to get your husband, boyfriend or guy friend for valentiens day. Although they do say to get to your mans heat is through food. Well Why are you waiting go get your Perky Jerky today. You can find their site at


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