Friday, January 18, 2013

Payless Shoe Review

This year I have been looking for a pair of shoes for Valentines Dinner and have been looking for a nice pair of red pumps to wear with my outfit. Usually I rule out pumps because I can not find a somewhat comfortable pair. When Payless Shoes offered me the opportunity to review their Red Karmen Pumps I was excited but also scared at the same time. I usually can not last more than 30 minutes in heals due to my feet feeling uncomfortable. Although it was worth a shot.

Payless Shoes sent me two items to review for Valentines Day. I received Red Karmen Pumps and their S.X.Y Unforgettable Moments Perfume. When I received the Red Karmen Pumps I was very excited to open the box and try them on. I noticed that the shoes where packaged very nicely. When I opened the shoe box they had the normal stuffing and the bar in the shoe to keep the shape of the shoe. This prevented the shoe not get damaged through shipping. When I took the Red Karmen Pumps out I noticed how nice they where and a great shade of red. The pass the look test. Although they have two more tests to pass the fitting test and how do they feel after a half hour test. Well when I put the pumps on they fit very nicely and fit my foot very well. I did not have to force the pumps on my feet which was great. Now for the real test how did they feel after a half hour? Well I will have to say my feet where not sore at all which I was in shock. They shoes will be first in line in my closet. I have found my new tolerable heals thanks to Payless Shoes. I can not wait to wear my shoes out for Valentines Dinner. 

The next item that I reviewed was the S.X.Y Unforgettable Moments Perfume. I am very picky when it comes to perfume and was not sure if I would like this one or not. When I received this package I was interested in what the perfume smelled like. I can not pin exactly what it smells like but I am in love with it. As of today this is my favorite perfume as of now. Although it may change. I remember when I was a teenager I had a perfume that smelled similar to this one but they have stopped making it. Now I am very happy that Payless has a great smelling perfume. This perfume comes in a nice pink bottle and this will last for a long time. I would highly recommend this perfume for Valentines Day.

I found two perfect matches for my dinner out on Valentines Day and that is my Red Karma Pumps and my S.X.Y perfume. I want to thank Payless for helping me find the wonderful products for my Valentines Dinner. If you want to find your amazing match check out Payless Shoes and you will find something amazing for yourself.

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