Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Obol The Orginal Crispy Bowl Review

I have a four year old who always let his cereal get soggy in the morning and then will not eat it due to being soggy. I have tried almost everything to prevent this from happening but in reality you can not. Well that is what I thought until I was introduced to the Obol. Now this solves all my problems with my four year old.
I was excited to see if this actually worked and was excited that I was able to review this product. When I received the package I was excited to open and see exactly what was inside. I received a green and purple Obol and one of their spoons. So the real test was this morning when I put the milk in the deeper compartment and his cheerios in the upper compartment. Well it seemed to do the trick. My son in the morning seems to get occupied when he is trying to eat. Well he ended up eating all his cereal and not wasting any of it at all. Which was a major plus because I hate waiting food. My four year old loved the concept on how he could take a spoon full of cereal and then dipped it in his milk and crunched away. His quote to me. "Mommy this is the best bowl ever my cereal does not get nasty and it makes me happy". Gotta love four year old's.
There are so many different possibilities with these Obol's you can use them for about just anything. You could use it for chips and salsa, ice cream and fruit, anything that you can come up with. Well my daughter and I like to use the Obol for dunking our cookies in milk. This is a nice way to have your cookies in once compartment and have milk in the lower one. It becomes less of a hassle. I always hated having a glass of milk and trying to get my cookie down in the glass and back out without getting soggy. With the Obol the picture shows how easy it is to dunk your cookies in the milk. 

When we received the spoon I did not know if my kids would use it. Sometimes they are very pick. My daughter actually loves it and it easier for her to grip because the handle is like a ball which is easier for her to handle. The only problem sometimes for her is the mouth part is kind of big. Although I also like using it and it perfect for me.

I would say if you like cereal in the morning or you like dunking cookies. This would be the perfect bowl for you!. This will help prevent any sogginess to your breakfast or snack. I would highly recommend this product. You can find more information out at http://www.obol.co/ 

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