Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oblo Puzzle Sphere Review


My family loves games and always looking for new games to bring into our home. I came across a new game that I have never seen or heard before and it is called OBLO.  OBLO is an award winning 3D Spherical puzzle. This puzzle is great for all ages. OBLO is a sphere that has several layers to it. Each layer is a different color. It is easy taking it apart but the challenge is trying to put this sphere back together. 

Recently my son has taken a huge interested in different kind of puzzles. My son is only four years old and he amazes me what he can figure out and how he can take things apart and put them back together. Today when I received the OBLO it was not in it's box for long. My son immedetely had to take the OBLO Sphere out of the box and had to explore the game. When we opened it he spent a long time playing with it. What amazed me after playing with the OBLO Spheres he finally figured out the puzzle. I was highly impressed. This is a great quality and fun toy. After figuring it out he undid it and told me to do it I had fun putting it back together again. I forgot what order they went into. Although I see how much fun my son had with this game. I would highly recommend this toy for any age child and it teaches them fine motor, visual processing and logical thinking. 

This would make a great Valentines Day gift for your child. I would would personally put this in my child's Easter Basket. I think it would be a great stuffer for their basket and fun toy. Great quality and will bring hours of fun play. You can check their products out at 



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