Friday, January 11, 2013

Nature's Gate Shampoos & Wash Baby

When it come to my children's skin I want to know what products are out there for them and what is the best. When it come to my daughter I have to be careful on what I use on her skin. Their are certain brands that will irritate her skin really bad. So that is why I search for products I have not used before to find products that will go great with her skin. Nature's Gate has a Shampoo & Wash for babies. This product interested me due to the description, it was for delicate hair and sensitive skin and it sulfate free. Which is a major plus for our family. My son also has sensitive skin although my daughter has a major problem with her skin. 

I was able to review Nature's Gate Shampoo & wash baby. When I received Nature's Gate Shampoo & wash I read the back of the bottle. It states that the wash is gentle and leave skin smooth and soft. I was very interested in trying this wash and seeing out it effected my daughters skin. That is the true test for me. When my daughter had a bath today I tried this shampoo and wash on her. I poured a little bit in my hands and washed her hair. It was easy to lather and wash out with out any problems. I also washed her body with the wash and there seemed to be no problems. It had a nice smell to the wash and was not to strong. After her bath she did not break out what so ever and passed the test. I would definitely recommend this shampoo and wash. If it did not break out my daughters skin then it ranks high in my book. You can find this Nature's Gate Shampoo and Wash baby at

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