Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy MD Guide

If you are a Mother this book should be right up your alley. This books is a guide to become a better mother that we want to be. The Mommy Md Guides helps to provide you knowledge for your journey through pregnancy, the first year and the toddle years. Since I am already past the first two journeys I choose to review the Toddle years since I have a two and four year old. 

I received a the Mommy MD Guides to the Toddler Years for review. This book was written by Rallie McAlister, MD, MPH and Jennifer Reich. This books helps bring insightful look in the unpredictable life of raising a toddler. Let me tell you it does get very unpredictable with my toddler right now. Well I have been lucky that my toddler has been somewhat mellow although I think its crazy my daughter pretty calm. My daughter really does no through the tantrums or has any fears. The only major thing we have been through is the ow stage. Where any little bump she needs kisses and hugs and band aides even if there is nothing there. What I like about the Mommy MD Guide is that they collect information for actual mothers like you and I and made a book. It is other tips from other mothers just like us. I feel more comfortable actually listening to this guide because I feel like I am connecting with other mothers that had similar situations like me.
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