Thursday, January 17, 2013

Malie Organics

Are you looking for some gift ideas for Valentines Day or Easter? I found a great collection of products that are called Malie Organics. Malie Organics are from the tropical rainforest and rich volcanic soil of Hawaii's ancient Garden Island of Kauai. Malie Organics offer natural and organic products for your home. Malie Organics Orchard Collection have several products available in this specific collection such as Body Cream, Body Polish, Body Wash, Liquid Hand Soap, Mist, Island Ambience Reed Diffuser, Soy Candle, Soy Candle Travel Tin.

I was lucky and able to review one of their products for their Malie Organic Orchid Collection. I received the Orchid liquid hand soap for review. When I first received this product I opened it up and did the smell test. It was kind of a Orchid floral smell. It was not over powering at all which I like. I put the liquid hand soap in my bathroom so it was ready for use. When I used the soap I squirted a little amount of soap in my hands and lathered up. It lathered up nice and did not have to used a whole lot of soap. It rinsed of nicely and after using the soap I did not feel a soapy dirty filling afterwards. I know that sounds weird but I have had that happen to me before. Also one think that I have noticed about this soap that it does not dry out my skin but make my skin feel softer. Which is a first for me. The bottle is a 16oz. This would make a great idea for a gift for Valentines Day or Easter. You can find their products at their site and more collections from Malie at

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