Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Li'l helper Review

Mothers I found an amazing product that my just help you out at home with your baby. I know having to children at home it can get hectic around the household. It can get pretty hectic becoming a first time parent. Sometime I had a hard time trying to keep an eye on my four year old and feeding my daughter. There where times when I had to stop feeding my daughter to go see what my son was up to and make sure he was not getting in trouble. When they are to quite you know something is up. Although I wish I have found this product before my children have grown out of that stages. I am still happy that I had an opportunity to review this item and share with my best friends son. 

I came across a great site called Li'l helper and was excited that I was able to try their product. Their product help little ones hold their own bottle while we face situations where we may need some help. I received one of their Lil Helpers for a review and this product is amazing. I was able to use this on my friends son and let me tell you I wish I had this product when my daughter was a baby. If I had this product it would of made my life a lot easier with my my daughter and son. I would recommend not using this on newborns but when you feel comfortable using this product on your child it would be the best time. This is a great item to have when your life is becoming chaotic at times. 

Here is some information on Li'l helper that I thought was interesting and wanted to share with you. This product matches natural nursing posture, encourage development, frees parents to multitask, hassle free, reduce fatigue, travels anywhere, BPA-Free, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, great product for twins.
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Also if readers have a Li'l helper bottle holder and want to share there photos of the little one using our product, the Li'l helper will post a picture of their baby using the product.

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