Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Intentional Chocolate Truffles

Valentines Day is famous for getting that special someone a box of chocolates. I came across a wonderful site that you can get a creative gift for your love one. I came across a new site called Intentional Chocolates. Here is a little bit of background about their company

Intentional Chocolate originates from a tradition of exemplary chocolate products. Its parent company, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, was the first and only grower of cacao in the United States at the time of its inception in 1992 and was reported on in The New York Times as “the best chocolate in the world.” “We took the world’s finest chocolate, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, added a concentrated form of positive intentions, and created Intentional Chocolate™, an edible, sensual experience of well-being,” states Ashley Walsh, Director of Operations for Intentional Chocolate.

I know I love Valentines Day because it is my excuse to eat chocolate. Well I found a new site called Intentional Chocolates and they carry a variety of different products such as hot chocolates, coffee, and chocolate. I was able to try one of their Truffles. The box I received in the mail contained 1 of the following Raspberry, Carmel, Dark chocolate ganache and classic truffle in coco dust. I would say these would be a special treat and I would keep them hidden from everyone else. My favorite chocolate out of the truffles was the Raspberry truffle. I am a sucker when it comes to that kind of chocolate. I think my least favorite was the Dark chocolate ganache. There was nothing wrong with the chocolate at all. I am just not the biggest fan of dark chocolate. If you prefer dark chocolate than it would be one of your favorites. I would highly recommend Intentional chocolate for your Valentines Day gift this year. You can check this product and other products out at their website at

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