Thursday, January 10, 2013

I See Me Review

Valentines Day is a very special day for me. Not just because it is a day love to show your loved one and family. Five years ago this comping Valentines Day I was given the most beautiful gift that anyone can ask for and that was my son. This year I wanted to find a special gift for him and when I came across this special website I See Me I just new this would be a great gift for my son. I See Me is a personalized children's books. My children absolutely love books and this site stands out due to personalization to their books. My son loves it when he is involved in the book.

I See Me is a great site for special keepsake items. They have items ranging from personalized baby gifts, books, coloring books and even place-mats and much more. I was scent a personalized book from I See Me for review. When I received the book in the mail I was very surprised when I opened and saw the book. The book was more beautiful than I thought it would be. I liked how the cover had flowers and the main one had a circle cut out and then there was the title. The title was the name of my children. Who love Emily and Justin which I thought was very cute. I liked how they added members of the family as characters throughout the book. The book I had reviewed had pets and family in the book which I know my son will really like. 

I really enjoyed the concept behind I see Me products. They are very nice personalized keepsakes. If your are stumped and trying to find a great valentines day gift for your children you defiantly want to check their site out. They also have new place-mat love is in the air and that would be great for valentines day.

  Gift Set:

**** 1/31/13 is last day to order in time for a Valentine’s delivery.  Special  discount code to Emmys Deal readers…it is "wholovesme" for 15% off that title (and all variations/gift sets).

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