Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giant Microbes Review 2

I was able to review Giant Microbes again. If you do not know what Giant Microbes is it is a very neat company that has plush Giant Microbes and other product of Microbes which is really need. I also love how these are very educational for children which is also is a plus. My daughter just loves the first one that we reviews and she giggles every time it sneezes. If there is any microbe that you are interested in I bet if you check they have it.

 Well I was able to review a new Microbe for Valentines Day. I was able to review the smooching Microbe which is called Cimex lectuliarus. This is very cute in my opinion. My daughter absolutely loves this one as much as the first one. She kisses smooch and finds it entertaining that it makes a kissing sound. I think that if you are trying to get someone this year a different gift and not a serious one. I would highly recommend this one. I know you can find gift at the store but this one is not only cute but educational. I would also be no one else would have this. I also think this would be a great educational toy. If you are someone who home schools or a teacher in high school this would be a great way to teach kids the different microbes. When I was a kid I would love absolutely would love these in schools. 


You can find more of their products at 

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