Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Duo Thomas and Friends Steam Team Station

When it come to my four year old boy he absolutely loved my iPad. Sometimes I wonder if he know how to use it better than I do. There are times I find my self putting it in places where he can not find it because trust me if he can find it he will hide and use it. My son is starting to overpower my apps with his own on my iPad. Recently we were able to review Thomas and Friends "Steam Team Station" by Duo Games. These are special games specifically for the iPad. When I received this in the mail my son was super excited. I even got him to pick up all his toys. That is how excited he was.

My son really enjoyed Thomas and Friends "Steam Team Station". I was able to set this game up at the table for my four year old and he was able to figure it out by himself. I was very amazed that he did not ask me for help which was great. Sometimes I have to put my attention on my two year old and not always able to have the time to figure out how it suppose to be played. It was simple enough for him to figure out and have hours of fun. Thomas and Friends Steam Team Station app is free t download at the app store so no worries there. There are 2 games already on there that are free to play and there is one game that is able to be purchased in app. Once the app is downloaded the game is very easy to play. You start by sliding your iPad into the docking station and it ready for the game to be played. I put the iPad in the docking station because I do not want any accidents you know how four year old can be. This game comes with 6 cards that interact with the Steam Team Station. My son loves how you put the cards in the station on the side. He had a lot of fund playing the trivia. He did not want to put it down and this will be a fun activity for him to play with. This is a great product for young children to play with. I would recommend other parents to look more into this product because your children will fall in love with this game just as much as my son did. You can find more games besides Thomas The Train at

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