Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decadence Cheesecakes Review

Are you looking for a special treat this year for Valentines Day. Cheesecake is one of those treats that you indulge your self in. I love hos cheesecake is creamy and sweet. When you are feeling a little bit down Cheesecake hit the right spot. Cheesecake can always be shared with other but sometimes I find myself not wanting to share. 

Decadence Cheesecake are gourmet cheesecakes that are in a jar. Each cheesecake is individually packed in their own jars. There are more than 20 flavors that are offered at this time. Which there is a jar for just about everyone and meets their needs. They have a wide variety of flavors for example El Diablo, Chocolate Chai, Chocolate Mole, Bacon/Blue Cheese and many more. They have a variety of savory cheesecake and they also have cheesecake dips also. When I heard they had cheesecake dips I was a little bit confused because I honestly have never heard or seen that before. 

I was sent a 6 pack of the Before and After Cheesecake Sampler. In the sampler pack that I received came with two of their Savory Appetizer Cheesecake El Diablo and Bacon/ Blue Cheese. Then sample pack had four of their dessert cheesecakes in their and they where German Chocolate, Boardwalk, The Irish Dream and Red Velvet. 

First I tried the bacon/blue cheese with some pita bread. When I took the lid of the jar my mouth instantly began to water. The aroma of the jar was starting to make me very hungry. Bacon Blue Cheese was very thick texture to it. It was very easy to spread on the pita bread and gave it a very nice flavor. You could taste the blue cheese and bacon separately but it was a very nice combination. I did not think I would like this one boy was I wrong. 

My dad's favorite was El Diablo. He said this one was amazing. He love salsa and chips. So he was interested in this one he said if you like something a little sweet and Spicy this is your jar. He recommends this one.

My moms favorite is Irish Dream. After she tried this one she said it was very delicious and she wish she had more. She extremely like baileys so when I told her this is your jar she was excited. She said it was a dream in a jar. She said you could taste the baileys and white chocolate. She said that this flavor definitely passes the test.

I can not wait to try their other flavors. I highly recommend you in trying Decadence Cheesecake. They are to die for and they would make a great Valentines day gift. Maybe have a nice dinner for your love one and have Decadence Cheesecake for dessert. You can find their cheesecake and varieties at

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