Sunday, January 27, 2013

ComfySlumber Premuim Organic Hemp Baby Blanket

I really like the concept behind The Willow Store. They have been committed from the start of their business to start help make the earth a happy and healthier environment for everyone. They carry a variety of items such as Reusable diapers, training pants, feminine items, baby blankets, bedding items. I was impressed by their wide variety of products.
I had the chance to be able to review one of their Comfy Slumber Premium Organic Hemp Baby Blankets. When I first received this blanket I noticed how soft and heavy the blanket was. I really liked that because a lot of baby blankets are very thin and not very soft which is a major down fall. Their baby blankets retails for 19.95 at the Willow Store. Which my daughter absolutely loves this blanket. I try to find her items that will help her keep healthy and not get sick. The ComfySlumber Premium Organic Hemp Baby Blanket is made of natural, ultra-soft organic cotton/hemp fibers that breath. What I found interesting that this prevents the baby from sweating and night which is nice. What my favorite thing about the ComfySlumber Premium Organic Hemp Baby Blanket is that hemp is antibacterial which really helps me out for my daughter. Also there are no chemicals, dioxins or fragrance to harm a baby. This blanket measures 27 inches by 30 inches after washing. I would highly recommend this blanket if your expecting a child or have a newborn. This would be perfect for swaddling your baby. If you are also doing tummy time this would be a perfect blanket for that. You can find their other products at their store

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