Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Citrus Lane Review

I am starting to see box subscriptions everywhere. When  first started seeing them they where makeup. Then I came across Citrus Lane box. This is for your children 0 up to 3-4 I believe. Your box is based on your child. When you sign up for Citrus Lane you will indicate the age of your child and gender. Than they will send you a box of age appropriate for your child. This box subscription is $25 dollars a month.

When my box arrived I was very excited to open it. What I received in my box where two Plan Toys Fish Castantents, Green Eats set of four snack bowls, Goodbyn Small meals, Plum Organics, Tiny Prints came in my box. I like how the box comes with a info sheet that explains each item and the price.

The first item in the box was Plan Toys Fish Castanets set of two.  They are worth 10 dollars. This toy are for children one year or older. These are cute little toys for your little ones to play with. They are easy to handle and bright colors which little ones love. They also are each to chop and they make noise of course when you chomp them. These where very cute.

The second item that came in the box was Green Eats Set of four snack bowls. These retail at 6.99 These are great little bowls for starting out with young children. These bowls are made from the USA from recycled milk cartons. What I like about these small bowls are they are the right size when children starting out to feed their selves. Plus the color will go with just about anything. It a nice dark yellow. 

The third item that came inside the box was Goodbyn Small Meals. This product retails for 6.49. I really like this container because my daughter is a picky eater so is my son. I find this container to come in handy. Where i can cut their sandwich in fours and then put like veggies or fruits on the other side. They hate when foods leak or touch each other. So this would be the perfect option for that. This product will be used the most in my household.

The fourth product that was in the box was Plum Organics Training Meals. This retails for 1.49. This is for 8+ this is a breakfast training meals. Well I guess you can feed this to your child when ever you want. You can give this meal to your child 8+. I received an apple flavor oatmeal. My son who is actually four ate it and enjoyed it. He loves this kind of stuff. 

 The fifth product that I received from the Citrus box was Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer. This retails for at 9.00. This for you moms this is a great moisturizer to help you feel better. Going through those sleepless nights this helps you feel great. I like how the moisturizer feels great and not greasy at all and rubs in great. This would be my favorite out of the box.

The last item that I received was an offer for Tiny Prints. It was 20 percent off and free shipping. Although I could not use it because the code was expired.

I really enjoyed this box and you get a lot of goodies. You can see through out the review what the retail price is and how it way more than 25 dollars that you spend for the box. If you like what you read and saw please visit Citrus Lane at https://wwws.citruslane.com/?#index


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