Saturday, January 26, 2013

Candy Japan

I am a big fan of candy, although I wonder what candy from other countries taste like. I had the opportunity to review Candy from Japan. I have never been to Japan but often wondered what their food/candy and ect would taste like. Candy Japan offers a candy box subscription twice a month for 23.95. I received two packets of candies one was DARS and the other Pocky Panda.

The first candy that I have tried was the Pocky Panda. Let me tell you I have never tried anything like this before. It was a long skinny stick cover with white chocolate. I can not quite figure out what the base of the stick is. Kind of like a cookie. Which it taste amazing. There are quite a few that comes in this package. I keep finding myself wanting more and grabbing more out of the package and now it is almost gone. 

The second candy that I was able to try was the DARS. I had a strong feeling that I would be a fan of this candy due to the fact I love white chocolate. When I tried DARS it literally melted in my mouth and I instantly wanted more. This was a lovely treat. What I also like about this candy that it came in a pack but it was already seperated so you did not have to break it up. It was already to go. If you are a white chocolate fan I would highly recommend this product 100 percent. 

It is nice to have a chance to try candy from another country. It nice to have that change and not the normal grocery store candy. When I tried both candies I was very pleased and enjoyed them very much. I would highly recommend their candy and their subscription box with the candy that I was able to sample. You can find more information at

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