Saturday, January 12, 2013

Calgon Gift Set Review

I remember when I was a teenager and when we celebrated Christmas at my Aunts house. I can guarantee that my Aunt will always have a package for me under the try and it was always a Calgon Gift Set. I always loved their gift sets. When I had the chance to review one of their gift sets for my blog I was very excited.  

When the package arrived I was very excited to open the package. When I opened the package I received the Calgon Take Me Away Morning Glory gift set. I loved how the gift set was presented in the package. There were five items in the gift set and they are Nourishing Body Cream, Refreshing Body Mist, Shower Pouf, Satin Eye Mask and a cosmetic Bag. 

Morning Glory is a light floral fragrance which is one my favorite smells. When I wore this out to the store today I had gotten several comments that they liked the smell and asked me what it was. When I told them it was Morning Glory by Calgon they where highly surprised. The smell reminds me of something I would wear in the spring. When I used the body spray I was amazed on how long lasting it lasted. I do not have to worry that it will fade when I go out.

When I tried Calgon Morning Glory Body Cream I was very nervous. Majority of Body Creams make me break out so I have to be careful. When I applied the body cream on my skin it was not greasey or sticky. It rubbed in very smoothly and felt great. It made my skin feel smooth and soft which was very nice. The scent of the body cream was Morning Glory same as the spray but it had a lighter scent to it. I loved ow the scent lingered from the lotion throughout the day. I would highly recommend their body cream.

The gift set also came with a cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag is a simple silver cosmetic bag which is very nice. Simple and great quality and fit what I needed it to fit. It had a nice black lining inside. Also sometimes I have issues with the zippers on cosmetic bags. Not in this case it zipped up very nice with out any issues which was nice. Then the gift set also came with a bath scrubber as i call them. I love them to use in the shower. The last item that it came with is a eye mask which is nice when I take a nice warm bath. My old was was worn out and I really like the new one that came in my Calgon gift set.

 For Valentines Day if you are looking for a nice gift set to give to your girlfriend, friend or a love one. I would recommend checking out Calgon and their lovely gift sets. You can find their amazing gift set at 


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