Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bottle Pets Review

I know that I am attending a few baby showers that are coming up. I always ask myself what to buy for a baby shower. I am always debating in my head because I feel like I always buy the same gifts as four others at the shower. When I came across the site Bottle Pets I thought this would make a great baby shower gift. What is a Bottle Pet you may ask? It is a plush animal that goes over the bottle. A fun way to dress your bottle up for your baby. 

There are several Bottle Pets that you can choose from. You can chose from Riley the Bunny, Drew the Ladybug, Dylan The Octopus, Bailey the Cow, Charlie the Dinosaur and Sammy the Bulldog. I really thought they where all very cute and hard to choose only one. They are 16.99 per Bottle Pet. When I was able to review two of their Bottle Pets for my blog I was very excited. When I received the Bottle Pets in the mail. I already thought they were cute I did not think they could be any cuter than I thought they where. Boy was I wrong. The two that I chose to review where Bailey the Cow and Charlie The Dinosaur. They where very clean when I got them and very soft. They where also bigger than I thought they where. I really like how soft they are perfect for a baby. They are very easy to use. You remove the plastic nipple part that is in the animal for shipping and for purposes. You will find Velcro at the other end, you open that part then you put the bottle through and there you go. How easy is that?

I tried the Bottle Pets with my best friends son. Let me tell you it passed the review. It is a positive experience. Her son really enjoyed both of the Bottle Pets and would not let them go. He even fell asleep with one which was very cute. He seemed to like and not lose interest over the past few days. I would highly recommend one of these cute Bottle Pets for the next baby shower that you attend. I guarantee that no one else with have this at the shower you attend. 

You can find any one of these adorable Bottle pets for 16.95 at http://www.bottlepets.net  
With free shipping. Their website includes safety information, shipping poicy and refund/exchange policy. 

You can find them on twitter http://www.twitter.com/bottle_pets
Facebook at Http://www.facebook.combottlepets
youtube at http://www.youtube.com/bottlepets

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  1. They're all cute but I like the Ladybug best! :)

  2. I really like the rabbit. It's adorable!

  3. I Love the COW the best. Good Luck Everyone!!

  4. Hey your bottle pets look awesome, are interested in making it more gorgeous. We do it for you, we are dealing with Cool Dog Collars for your pets.

  5. I think the bunny is uber cute. But I would probably get the lady bug and use it as a learning tool as well. The lady bug is a friend in nature and in the garden. Never too early to begin learning with fun and cute items.

  6. I like the Octopus best, its so cute!

  7. I love the Cow and the Octopus, I mean how could you not! :D

  8. The Dinosaur is totally awesome! I know a little boy who would love this!

  9. i want the bulldog for a friends new grandchild. he has a pet bull dog

  10. I would like to get the dog it's too cute as are the rest but you said to pick one so I did. I really hope I entered right.

  11. Dear Admin,

    Thank for share this post, its really useful information ..


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