Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bling Guard Bling Wraps and Bling Dots Review

We know the perfect gift for valentines day is Jewelry. Do you have the problems with your rings slipping or not staying in place? Or do you have earring that droop or fall forward? Well your in lucky because I was able to review a wonderful products that will prevent this from happening. They are called BlingGuard. They have special products called BlingWraps and BlingDots for rings and earrings. This will solve your problems with your jewelry.

I know Valentines Day is a popular day for women to get married or engaged. What happens if when you put your ring on and it keeps sliding or to loose? You do not want to take it off because you are to excited and want to show it off. There is an option for you where you do not have to wait and have your ring re-sized. BlingGuard BlingWraps are the answer for you. You can get 30 disposable bands for $14.00 this is the alternative to resizing your ring and you are able to show off your perfect ring. BlingWraps are disposable ring size adjusters that keep your ring in place and keep your rings from twisting, turning, or falling off your finger. I really like how the BlingWraps are in a nice little black box very classy. BlingWraps are invisible bands add 1 + sizes to your finger. BlingWraps are latex-free and hypoallergenic so this great for me. When I wear rings I tend to break out and these actually help me and prevent me from breaking out which is nice. This band is invisible and you can not see it when it is on your finger and it keeps your ring in place which solves all problems. This is a great fix if you are type who wears rings often.

The next product that I was able to review is BlingGuard BlingDots. My mother reviewed these for me since she has the issues that her earring fall forward all the time. She absolutely loves them and helps them keep them in place and they look a lot better. She also wears earring more often now because the look better with BlingDots.I know my mother had the issue when she wore large earring they pulled her earlobes and they looked pretty bad. Blingdots are the perfect solution and supports your earlobes and lifts your earring and is comfortable and very simple to use. BlingDots are also hypoallergenic and latex-free and they are made of foam that supports and stabilizes. This helps prevent the earring from slipping and sliding. I know what your asking how do these BlingDots work. You take a BlingDot and put it on the back of your earlobe and then you push your earring through the foam dot. You will not be able to see this and it also help your ear from stretching any further which is nice. It also keep the earring in place also.

I would highly recommend these products if you wear any kind of jewelry. Both products are very inexpensive and can help you look better and also prevent you from losing your jewerly. You can find more about this product at

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