Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Socks Review

I am always trying to find my dad the perfect gift for Valentines Day gift from the kids. My dad just started a new sales job and needs a new pair of socks. That would make a great gift from the kids to their grandpa. When I had the opportunity to review a pair of black Cashmere socks from I had to take the opportunity to share a great gift for dads for Valentines day. is all about black socks and have been in business over 12 years.  When I received the box I really like how the box looked. It reminded me of a brief case. On the front it said BlackSocks. When I opened the package they where protected by a plastic covering to keep them clean and it shape. When I usually buy a pair of socks I always have to be very careful when I try to cut the plastic off so they do not get holes in them. Someone was clever with the blackSocks and put a thread in them to keep them together but when you pull with your finger the string comes off. So there is no snags, damage or holes in the socks. I received a pair of men Black Socks Cashmere Silk for review. When we gave my dad the socks what he has told us that he liked them very much. They where very classy and soft. They will go great with his suits that he has to where when he goes to meetings. The socks that we have received are very soft and smooth. Not rough like other socks and they also do not knot after washing. Which is a plus I can not stand when that happens. When I had my dad try on the socks I made him put his dress shoes on and they looked great together. They made a perfect match. If you have a business man in your family this would make a great Valentines present for him. You can find their amazing socks at



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  2. A luxury gift for your dad, son, brother, best friend or somebody that desserve to have luxury and make his life easier then buy 14 pairs of black socks


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