Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Giraffe

I try to find my Best Friend the best baby accessories out there. I remember when my daughter was a baby. We had a problem when we were in the car and she need a bottle she would get it all over her and the car seat. There would be times where she would not want it and would drop it and would leak all in her car seat. I wish I came across the Baby Giraffe gadget before my daughter outgrew it. But I knew this would be handy for my bestfriend son.

This product would make any mothers or fathers job a lot easier. This is a great product because this can help entertain little ones because it helps with bottles and also has a mirror that they can see their selves in. The Baby Giraffe is the answer to a mother prayers. This gadget is an all purpose baby accessories holder this is plane genius. Like I said I wish I had this product when my daughter was still a baby.
Although my friend does not want her son pictures on my blog due to safety concerns I have posted pictures of the product that you get the concept of the Baby Giraffe. We tried this Giraffe in several situations. The first one was we attached this to her sons bassinet and he really enjoyed one if his toys dangling down. That was a major plus when she had to get a few things done. That passed the test. Then we had to run some errands so we attached the Baby Giraffe the car seat and put the bottle in it. This was a great way to help the bottle from leaking. When your in the car and your going to be in the car for awhile this is a great option because you will not have to worry about needed new pants or outfit for your baby or a wet car seat. That is a major plus. Then on the way back her son got a little cranky so we decided to put the mirron on and let me tell you that calmed her son and kept him occupied the whole ride back. This is a great product if your are a mother and father and I would highly recommend this is a must have. 

You can find this product at their website at WWW.BABYGIRAFFE.US

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