Friday, December 7, 2012

Zylie The Bear

I have a two year old who is starting to like dolls but she takes a liking to bears. She carries them around like they are her baby doll. I came across a wonderful site Zylie the Bear. Zylie the Bear is not like any other bear that I have seen. Zylie the teddy bear was designed to be dressed up and played with just like a doll. Zylie is inquisitive and fashionable 12 year old bear from Manhattan. You can follow Zylie on all her adventures around the world and Zylie meeting new friends.

We were lucky to be able to review Zylie the Bear. Zylie is a jointed 18 inch plus bear that come fully dress. Our Zylie came with a pear of jeans, flower shit, and a white coat. Zylie also came with a backpack to carry her diary, map, and passport in. She also come with the Adventure of Zylie the Bear New York.
When we first saw Zylie on facebook we thought she looked amazing. When we received her in person the pictures on facebook did not do her justice. When she arrived we open the box and she was packaged beautiful inside a box with her diary, backpack, map, passport and book. 

This would make a great gift for your little girl in your life. I would highly recommend Zylie. I believe that Zylie is unique and has a great message behind her. Zylie is just absolutely gorgeous bear an there is no other bear that can compare. My daughter love Zylie and loves to take Zylie where ever she goes. Although she still is a little to young for Zylie she can only have Zylie during supervision. I do not want my daughter accidentally ruining Zylie because Zylie is a great quality bear. Although she loves her time with Zylie. Sometimes I catch her over at her play kitchen set trying to pretend feed her. If you take care of Zylie she will last for a long time. Great quality and a lot of detail. You do not find this much detail or quality in a lot of toys now a days. You can also find more out fits for Zylie also. I can not wait for my daughter to go on Zylies adventure. 

What are you waiting for? Visit Zylie's website and pick up your Zylie Bear for your special little girl for Christmas and start your new adventure. 

You can find their website at

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