Sunday, December 9, 2012


We recently found out what my good friend is having and he is having a little boy. I have been looking to find great quality items for her to have for her baby boy. I also have two children of my self and I know when I am out it hard to change diapers. Sometimes I do not like taking their whole outfit off or even unsnap the buttons on the bottom. I came across a wonderful site called Zopheez. Zopheez has a different idea when it comes to baby clothes. Zopheez jumpsuits only have zippers on the bottom where you can unzip and change then zip up right away. How easy is that it. The zipper goes across from the inside to side to side. This makes diapers changing so much easier. I got the chance to review the Christopher Jumpsuit for review. This cute outfit had cute hats all over it and brown pants. It is all one piece. Size ranges from 3-24 months and they do have a couple of jumpsuits starting from newborn sizes. they are also going to have more outfit coming out next year for spring!!

You can find their site at

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