Thursday, December 27, 2012

WubbaNub Duck

 When it comes to baby gear and items. It is so hard to find what is out there and what is safe. I came a cross a great site WubbaNub. For mothers out there and expentant mothers if you plan or giving your child a paci than you need to invest in a WubbaNub. What is a WubbaNub? A WubbaNub starts with a Soothie pacifier permanently attaches to one of their cute plush's.

I was able to review a their yellow WubbaNub Duck for my Best Friends new child. When I received the WubbaNub I was very impressed. The plush was very soft and the pacifier was connected to the plush securely. By having the plush connected to the pacifier they are easier for a baby to hold on to the small plush and the pacifier is easier to move. What I really like about this concept is my friends child really like the soothie pacifier although there are no clips to prevent the pacifier getting lost. That what I like about WubbaNub is that the pacifier can not get lost easily due to the plush that is attached to the pacifier. These are great to have on hand and they would also make great gifts for baby showers or great gift to bring to the hospital.

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