Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

 I have a two year old and a four year old and sometimes it is hard to take their temperature. My two year old fights me like you will not believe. There was a time where she took the thermometer away from and threw it in my room and shut the door. My daughter recently got sick and does not like anything poking her due to all what she has been through. My daughter tends to run a fever a lot and I always want to get accurate temperature but it not always that easy and sometimes at night I need to take her temperature and I hate waking her up because than I can not get her back to sleep.

I was very lucky when I found Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer. Let me tell you this is the greatest solution if you have small children who like to fight you on taking there temperature. This thermometer offers an accurate reading with the touch behind the ear. I have tested it with a oral thermometer and they where the same so they where very accurate. This is very easy all you need is to hit ok and stick it behind the ear and there you go and you have a temperature on the LCD display. How easy is that? The biggest test is that I tested it on my daughter and she really liked it and did not fight. She kept telling me more. This thermometer is what we are going to use from now on an I recommend it for any other mother. Easy and quick and no fighting and you get a accurate reading. I honestly do not why I did not get this sooner and this is a great thing to have if you have children.

Where to buy- you can buy this at many local stores you can find them at walmart and

you can check their site at

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