Friday, December 14, 2012


If you have a toddler or in my case a four year old you know that accidents happen a lot. My son loves to play with my iPod but I always get very nervous when he is on it. My fear is that he would drop it and break it. I came across a feature that would help protect my iPod but not only protect it, but also is a fun way of educating your child. What is Ubooly you ask? Ubooly is an app-enabled plus toy that is powered by and iPhone or iPod Touch. In the Ubooly application you have three environments and they are dreams, awake and the bedroom. My son enjoyed the awake mode because Ubooly interacts with you the most during this mode. He will talk to you and interact with you while he is awake. What I like about Ubooly is he can ask your child what the would like to do. They can chose from stories, play music, tell joke and a lot more. Ubooly will also adapt and understand your child's play patterns which is nice. One thing that you may be wondering is how accurate or will Ubooly understand my child when they talk. Ublooly speech recognition is great and you will not have an issue when it come to this. My son loves how Ubooly is a plush toy even when he is not using the ipod he is still playing with Ubooly and talking to him. What I like about Ubooly that it has protective stuff in Ubooly in case of any accidents that may a cure. This should keep your ipad or iphone safe. This would make a great companion for your child so make sure you get on for your child for Christmas!!

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