Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thinkfun Pathwords

 From what you know already our family loves game and we have our game name. Game night brings our family closer together. I was able to review the game Pathwords Jr from Thinkfun. A little information about the game is a word search puzzle for younger children who will able to understand and able to play this game. What I like about this game is that you have these blocks that remind me of the game Tetris blocks. You put these block over the words that you find in the puzzle. This help the children find the words and it also helps them find the other words also. There is a spiral notebook that you can take out of the green protective container and change puzzles. There are 40 different puzzles that your child can do. The book starts off with beginners to expert so this game will grow with your child. My son loves this game of course he just starting to learn to read and spell. This game help me help him. We actually go through a few puzzles together and had a lot of fun. He actually got a few on his own. This is a great game for children building there vocabulary and spelling. I would highly recommend this game for your child for the holidays. I know this will be a very popular game at our house hold. You can find more of their fun games at


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  2. Emmy, just came across your review and thought that you might me interested in reviewing a twist on this game as well:

    Its Android only at the moment, iOS & Kindle version are coming soon.


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