Monday, December 3, 2012


Who does a lot of cooking for the holidays or does a lot of baking this holiday season? I know that I love to cook and also bake. When I came across this website Slipoura I was very excited and knew that I needed to try this product. A Slipoura is a clip on spout that snaps on to your pots, pans or bowls. This helps drain grease from pans without getting it everywhere which is nice. Also when your cooking and need to pour batter in a pan or cupcakes this is a great help and helps prevent a huge mess. 

I tried the Slipoura on the pan that I used to cook hamburger with. What my biggest fear was that I would not be able to hook the Slipoura. Also I was afraid it would fall of in the process of trying to use it. When I tried to connect it to my pan it went on easy and it was secured. It did not slip or move. When I went to pour the grease it was very easy and was thinking why did I not get this sooner. Now this tool is very easy to work with easy to clean and very flexible. I also love the feature where you can take the snap on the back off and make it a pouring spout or just drain a certain item. If you love to cook I would highly recommend investing in this product and it will make cooking a lot easier for you and your family.

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