Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Is your little one having a trouble sleeping? I came across a great site that is called The Original Shnoozle. Shnoozle are a great sleep companions that will help your little one sleep. Shnoozles are the world's first plus that eyes can be opened and shut. When you open their eyes there eyes there is a cover that goes over their eyes. When you want their eyes to open you put the flap in the pocket which is right above the eye. I though that was very neat and very easy to use also. Even my daughter could do that and it was nice that she was able to do that by her self. The makers of Shnoozles their goal is to help parents overcome their child's resistance to bedtime with a back to basics approach. Everyone closes their eyes when it is time for sleep, including the Shnoozles. What I also like about the Shnoozles is that there is no batteries or noises that will distract them. I tried once with my daughter the dream light and that did not work because the light would keep her up and it became a nightmare.

The Shnoozle's come in brown and pink. I received a pink one for my daughter. My daughter really took to the Shnoozle especially when it became bed time. The Shnoozles are made for the ages 2-5 years old. My daughter is two. She has been having trouble sleeping ever since we found out her illness. The Shnoozle helps her relax and she likes to put the Shnoozle in her bed with her. She has a routine now she put the Shnoozle in bed, cover it up, gives it kisses, and put the eyes down and cuddles with it and falls asleep. This plus is very soft and great quality. I would recommend this for Christmas. If you have a little one and is having problems with sleep or even you do not this would be fun for them. I love how my daughter has a routine for the Shnoozle and you could also enjoy this with your little one. 

You can find the Shnoozle at

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