Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ryobi Tool Review

When Christmas come around and even fathers day I never know what to get my father. I know ladies you may even wonder what to get your husbands. I even know there are ladies out there who love to do your own DIY projects. I know my father and I have been working on some of our own DIY projects around our home. We have had our home for 16 years and it is started to need new repairs. I know my dad loves his tool and he also take pride in them. Ryobi has been manufacturing power tools for many years. Ryobi is also one of the world's largest and most innovative power tool manufactures. Ryobi Power Tools specialize in making pro-featured power tools that are truly affordable and great quality. If you are a homeowner, woodworker, hobbyist, maintenance, contractors this brand of tools would make a great brand choice if it is already not. 
I was very lucky and Ryobi Power Tools were nice enough to allow me review their 18V Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Kit. When I received it in the mail today I was surprised on how heavy the box was. When I opened up the box I noticed the nice carrying case that the drill came in. The carry case was a green color and I liked the top where it had a zipper on each side. When you opened up the bag there are different compartments for the drill, battery and charger which is nice. I love how there are different compartments for each item. It nice that you have a protective case for your tool and accessories that come with your tools. When I took the drill out it was pretty heavy. It was more heavy than I actually expected. When I put the battery in the drill it was very easy to connect and disconnect which is really nice. When I tested the 18V Compact Drill tonight I found that this drill fits into small spaces which is very good and also fits in hard to reach areas. This drill is a great tool for women and great handling. Another great feature on this drill it has a LED light illuminating any work surface which is a great feature to have on any tool. Due to if you are working in a dark area it will help you see what you are doing. When I let my dad try the drill out he said he like how it was easy to hold and grip. Which he said that is a great feature for a tool. My father was very impressed with this two gear Ryobi Power Drill. He said that this one beats all other drills and is very impressed. This would make a great last minute Christmas present or it would be a great fathers day present also.

When you purchase your tools from Ryobi it will come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Plus it come with a 3 year limited warranty. You can find Ryobi amazing tools at

If you are working on your own DIY or your going to after the new year make sure you follow this site This a new site Ryobi Nations and it allows member to post projects and votes on a monthly winner who will receive a 500 dollar prize. How amazing is that. Make sure you go and check that out!!



  1. Thanks to reviews like above, one can get full in depth insights on ryobi power tools. Keep doing the good stuff.

  2. Hi Julie, hope you are perfectly fine. Good to see that you gave a great detailed review about ryobi tool. Thanks much.


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