Saturday, December 8, 2012

Radius Toothbrush

 Do you have the problem with toothbrushes like I do with my children. I can not find the right one for them. They seem to be very small and it becomes to be a challenge for them to brush. I came across the site Radius Toothbrush that have the perfect toothbrushes for children. Radius offers a mass of small bristles and a larger head area for low pressure brushing and had a comfortable handle that is just the right size for your child. Radius toothbrushes help you care more for your teeth. They do have a choice for left or right handed toothbrushes to make brushing better for you.

My four year old loves to brush is teeth but he seems to struggle with the normal tooth brush because it is to small for him.  When we received a Radius Toothbrush for kids it was a great size for him. The handle was perfect for him because he could use the grip. It shown in the picture above. It seem easier and he could actually brush his teeth without my help. Which is Nice. Now he wants to use his toothbrush more and more and it is not a fight. This would be a great toothbrush to be a starter out one for your child. I would highly recommend  looking into this product for your child.

You can find their site at a Rafflecopter giveaway

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