Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pine Bro's Softish Throat Drops

In my home already it been terrible for colds. Last year there was not many colds in my family but let me tell you this year is quite different. I was lucky to be able to review Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops. I would say they came just in time because the day I received them I came down with a cold. I received several packages of Natural Honey and Wild Cherry Flavored throat drops. What I find really unique about this brand of throat drops is they are softish. They are not hard like all the other cough drops that are out there. But they are not soft enough to be able to chew them which is nice. They are met to be sucked on just like the other cough drops that are made. I have never heard of these before although now when I looked I have found them at my local CVS.

When I tried both Wild Cherry and the Natural Honey I liked both. I really could not chose a favorite because both are good. I think When I am really not feeling good I probably would prefer the Honey. Even when you are not feeling well they taste better than most cough drops and they also gave me relief which was nice. Also I enjoy that they have those hard containers where you can bring them in your car or your purse. I really enjoy these containers due to you can bring them anywhere and they will not get ruined. I actually put one of each in the counsel of my car so I have them handy. These are very soothing and great tasting if you are not feeling good and have a cold. I would highly recommend checking out Pine Bro's Softish Cough Drops. You can find more information on their site at

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