Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ozeri Artersio Electric Pepper Grinder

Do you have a family member who loves to put pepper on just about anything? I have one of those people in my house that does that and that is my father. He is always putting pepper on something. The other day when my dad was putting pepper on his food we noticed that his pepper grinder was biting the dust and getting old. I started to look online to see if there is another option out there. I came across the site Ozeri and they had a electric pepper grinder. When this product arrived I opened it up and started checking it out. It looked very sharp and it was simple to use. How to get it up and running is you take the top off and insert the batteries. Then after doing that you will need to fill the bottom container with peppercorns. After putting them all back together you are ready to go. A good thing to know is that there are different setting on this grinder there is fine grind, medium grind and coarse grind. My dad really loves this new grinder and he said it does not take much work. He said when the batteries die replace it and you will be good to go. This is a great quality product and I would highly recommend it. and 

You can buy it here 
Ozeri Artesio Electric Pepper Grinder


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