Monday, December 10, 2012

Boylan Review

Our family always like sodas and always looking for unique and different kinds of soda and not the same old. I came across The Boylan Bottling Company. They have been making soda since 1891 even though they were not the only one making soda. They where making hand craft soda and still making hand crafted soda to this day. They still use pure cane sugar that taste better then the other stuff they put in regular soda.

I got to try their Winter Wonderbox and they had 4 flavors that came in it. It came with Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, Root Beer and Creamy Red Birch Beer and they come 3 of each in the pack.  When I received them they came in perfect condition which I was amazed. Honestly at first when I saw the flavors I was kind of hesitant because I thought I would not like them. But I still tried them and boy I as surprised I fell in love with them and they tasted great. They reminded me of the soda that I had at my grandmothers house when I was little. I like how they come in the old fashion glass bottles. It brought back memories also I believe that they taste better in glass bottles. My favorite out of all of them was the Black Cherry. I really love Cherries and this gave it a great tasting and those were gone first. My children like the rootbeer the best. My least favorite was the Ginger Ale but in all fairness I have never been a great fan of it. So who like Ginger Ale you will love it.

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