Sunday, December 2, 2012

Miss Melodee Review

  If you know my daughter you will know that she absolutely loves to dance. She is only two but she dances everyday and sometimes I catch her trying to copy people on TV who are dancing. I can not afford to put her into dance this young and was wondering if there where any other options out there. 
I came across this amazing site Miss Melodee. Miss Melodee has an amazing product for girls 2-7. This product would be great for kids who are already taking dance lesson and also kids who have never even stepped foot in a dance studio.
A little bit about Miss Melodee- she is a sought after dance instructor who just opened her newest dance studio. She also released her CD and DVD for kids. This DVD and CD focus on kids who are 2-7 years old. This DVD and CD have received the 5 dove rating from the dove foundation. By receiving this award it means that it is approved for all ages. Also it won other awards also.
I received Dancing with Miss Melodee DVD and CD to review. The DVD features 3 music videos which Emily likes very much. Also there is 8 dance lessons for kids to follow along with the DVD. My daughter absolutely loves these DVD although she does not understand how to follow instructions she is starting to copy what they are doing during the lessons. This video is very easy to understand and Miss Melodee breaks down these lessons for little ones to understand and comprehend. My daughter loves when I put this on so she can dance. I would recommend this DVD and CD for the holidays if you have a little one in your home who loves to dance. This is a great way for them to learn at home.
If you want to visit their site you can go here at

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