Monday, December 10, 2012

Maui Sports

 I know in my house my kids love balls, bouncy ball any kind of balls. My son is starting to love footballs and starting to get the concept of them. Christmas is coming up and a Sky Ball Jr football from Maui toys would be a great Christmas gift. Maui gift promotes outdoor play and has spring and summer toys. Some product are Sky Ball, Wave Hoop, Water bouncers, Sky Ball Jr Football. I got the chance to review the Sky Ball Jr Football and this was a great toy for my son. This was very interesting and not like any other toy. This toy has a big bounce it is pumped with Helium and other secret ingredients in this football and it can kick up to 75 yards. My son had a lot of fun testing this football out and is now one of his favorite toys. My son loved kicking the football and seeing it flied he absolutely loved it and had a lot of fun. This would be a great stocking stuffer for your little one.

You can find their products at Most children love Balls, bouncy balls, basket balls, baseballs, footballs and my girls are no exception! They just love balls and all kind of balls!! I was recently asked if I would like to review a Sky Ball JR Football from Maui Toys, so of course, I said yes! Maui Toys Inc. is a manufacture and distributor of spring and summer activity toys and encourage outdoor play. Founded in 1988 by Brain K., he sought to bring vibrant fashion, versatile function and evolving style together to set a standard for unique toys in a competitive market! Some of their awesome toys include the Sky Ball, Wave Hoop, Water Bouncers and now the newly awesome Sky Ball JR Football! The Sky Ball JR Football is Hyper Charged, make playing ball, a "BIG" Bounce!! Its pumped with Helium and other secret ingredients making the football kick and throw up to 75 yards!! My girls had so much fun throwing and kicking the Sky Ball JR Football, the actually really enjoyed their selves! The best part is seeing them actually be able to kick the ball far distances, giving them a little self pride and confidence! Overall, the Maui Sports Sky Ball JR Football is an awesome fun outdoor toy, and would make a great Christmas Present or stocking Stuffer for your Child or loved one!! My girls has had a blast playing, throwing and kicking the Sky Ball JR Football and I would totally recommend this fun toy!!


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